Work Attitude & Values Enhancement

by: Sheena Agudo
October 29, 2019

“What would you do if you know that you will not fail?”

That was the first question that was asked by the speaker on a seminar training that was held last October 11, 18, and 25 on Savoy Hotel, Manila.

Going back to the question, different answers were thrown by the employees of LGC. Some answered complacently, others answered selflessly.

According to Mrs. April Salonga, many of us are limited to do something because we are usually limited by the fear of failure, little did we know, when we care less about failing, there’s so much that we can do. Once we learn how to surpass our zones: Comfort, Fear, Learning, and Growth.

This seminar training has been really helpful to everyone, not just to excel at work but also to find their passion. Mrs. Salonga taught everyone in the seminar training how to find their real passion, its by asking yourself what do you love doing.  According to her, our values are underlying principles that guide our decisions.

It’s not hard to make a decision when you know what your values are” -Roy Disney. 

During the afternoon session, lots of activities were prepared by Mrs. April Salonga. She also let every participants to visualize what will be the future that lies to Lewis Glanz Consulting after 3 years using magazine and news paper cutouts.

This activity brought every participant’s imagination, positivity and team work. Everyone dreamed Lewis Glanz Consulting to be known all over the world as the best recruiting/consulting company.

Work Attitude and Values Enhancement has been a good activity to Lewis Glanz Consulting, it gave engagement to all the employees to improve more not only within their workloads but also in their selves.

Kudos to everyone who participated and made this event possible!



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