The Purpose of Resilience in Recruiting

by: Sheena Agudo
October 24, 2019




Young Mitzi once dreamed of being a Photo Journalist, it is according to her that she wants to spread awareness and stories regarding a current event or place. While telling her dream job, I can see her dreamy eyes and widest smile. She almost had it, the fullest of her dream job, but instances came that she didn’t pursue it. Luckily, she got hired in LGC.

Mitzi is a 21 year old graduate of AB Psychology at De La Salle University. She has been working in Lewis Glanz Consulting for almost 1 year and 6 months now. She told me that rejecting her dream job has a purpose, and I guess that purpose is for her to explore the world of recruitment.

She amazingly transferred what she wanted to her dream job of being a photo journalist into a recruiter. Mitzi is up until now practicing how to spread awareness in the field of recruitment. She is helping the people/candidate to get the job, and the client to have the perfect candidate.

Recruitment is something that will help people sell themselves better to a company.

Recruitment for me is sales” according to Mitzi.

She explained that recruitment is all about sales just because you need to sell the candidate to the client as well as the client to the candidate, you need to have a better pitch for you to have a good catch.

When she was asked about her stay in Lewis Glanz Consulting, she answered “I felt really lucky” she even stated that being here is one of the best choices that she made in her life.

Lewis Glanz Consulting is the place where she developed and discovered the skills she didn’t know she have, one of those is handling a team. Learning new things and building a culture and relationship within her team is also one of the reasons that makes her job in LGC special.

But of course, life has its own wheel. Its not always the joy and success, Mitzi also experienced pains.

There has been a lot of emotions, may mga pagkakataon na ayoko na talaga” She said.

But what keeps her still motivated is that in every pain she has experienced, there will always be a new learnings. Also, having a strong support system can always help you.

One of the challenges that she experienced in recruitment are the changes. Being in the field of recruitment, you should be adaptable to every change that is going to happen, you need to have a strong mental ability. Also, influencing people to see things the ways she sees it are her biggest challenges.

Recruiting takes a lot of courage, you need to be resilient” she said.

Mitzi definitely recommend recruitment to all the people who are still in search for their career path.

If you want to be a recruiter, you need to be open to new learnings and criticisms. Always know what you should follow and what you should not. Being adaptable to change is also a key.

Keep on learning, and be knowledgeable” (Mitzi)  

5 years from now, Mitzi still sees herself working here in Lewis Glanz Consulting and having the biggest team in the company. Also, she sees herself still having what she have right now, a good and strong heart.


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