Losing a BIG client, results to BIGGER OPPORTUNITIES

Today, I was informed by our client in New York City that they have already pivoted in a different direction and that they will no longer be using our services.

It’s always disappointing when losing such a big client, it feels like I lost a beautiful flower in my garden. But having a strong and dedicated management makes it more bearable, in fact, it is always rewarding to know that Lewis Glanz Consulting knows how to manage and handle this kind of situations.

I remember sitting in a bar along Greenbelt, and I was drinking with a colleague when Mike arrived to join us. He was talking excitedly about his trip to New York City in two days. So I took a look at the site of Skyscanner to look for a flight from Manila going to New York City, to my surprise, it was only £550 round trip ticket! I didn’t hesitate to book and took it as an opportunity of seeing potential clients. Thursday was a day full of meetings, 16+ meetings booked to be exact!

So if I hadn’t gone on this ‘business trip’, I would not have worked with this New York City client. Little did I realize that I just harvested fruits from the risks that I just took.

The good news is I won 5 accounts from New York City and 3 of them are still continuing to work with us even up to this day!

Taking risks and believing in yourself and your business will yield positive results in the long run.

We may have lost this client due to them pivoting but I’m definitely confident we can work with better clients in the future.

This was written by Oli during drinking with a client


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