Everyone’s fight against Covid-19: Our role in this global battle

The global pandemic by the name of Covid-19 has greatly affected each and every individual residing here on Earth. Global supply chains being disrupted, various markets being greatly affected, everyone out of our comfort zones. This was deemed as the global recession of the modern times, the only difference between the 2008 great recession is that this doesn’t seem to have an ending to it, perhaps no light after a dark tunnel that we’re currently inside of, not unless a vaccine would be commercially available.

All industries are greatly affected by it but as individuals what should we do? How should we cope with this close to once in a lifetime event that has disrupted and tarnished our goals for what was supposed to be a great start of the decade, 2020.

The new normal: Work from home

Our fight against Covid-19 is a continuous fight that would test all markets and industries globally. We cannot close our doors into what’s left of our economy, we need to survive as individuals, rather adapt than to surrender to the horrific implications of the virus.

Working from home has been a new thing in the industry, from it being a social experiment to promote a healthy lifestyle, lesser traffic congestion, and test one’s ability to work efficiently at a very minimum supervision. It has now become a new normal for everyone globally. Due to various cities in lockdown or quarantine, firms are now forced to impose such measures to keep both their respective industries and economy alive.

Through pushing through with working from home a company enables themselves to operate and function still despite of the ongoing lockdowns everywhere. Some companies would also consider this option given that hiring someone remotely who is working from home costs lesser than having an actual seat within the office as well.

The great outsourcing opportunity

Outsourcing of work has now been existing in the industry for several years already. Through this format a firm would lessen their operational costings but have the same productivity throughout. Outsourcing provides an avenue for firms nowadays to still be effective and function even if there is a work from home scheme.

This method also helps companies lessen the workload that they may currently have on their plates, outsourcing is a genuine help to companies who might have lose their way within this tough times we’re facing. With this fight we are not alone, we are together in this battle and no firm would want the other to fail.

The fight against Covid-19: We are the vaccine

It’s interesting times we have ahead of us, without a vaccine there is no actual assurance of what would happen to us with the following weeks, months, and probably years to come. True enough we don’t have a concrete weapon to prevent and stop the spread of this disease; face masks, face shields, or alcohol doesn’t defeat the virus. It’s each and every one of us. We are the key on winning this victory against this virus, we as individuals are the ones behind the success on this one. We should help one another, keep the economy and industry alive. Keep ourselves healthy and alive.


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