Lewis Glanz Consulting Started Operating its Office in Clark, Pampanga

by: Sheena Agudo
January 24, 2020

Lewis Glanz Consulting started its operations in Clark, Pampanga. 2020 has been a good start for LGC as it officially opens a new branch to one of the country’s developing city.

It is currently handled by Adam Piper, who started his recruitment career in Australia. Piper was able to run his own recruitment firm in Sydney when he was just 25 years old.

“I have been able to build a global career within recruitment and this has created some extremely memorable moments.” Said Adam.

Recruitment is a rare career path that offers genuine global opportunity as for him because he was able to take his recruitment career to Singapore, Malaysia and now Philippines with LGC.

We are fortunate enough to have direct impact on people’s lives as we mould their careers. This is very satisfying in assisting candidates achieve their dream jobs, as well as helping companies build successful business’s.

Ben and his team in Clark Pampanga

“Being a part of a strong, unified culture gives the most satisfaction – you have to enjoy being around the people you work with each day” According to him.

He have known Oliver Lewis for a few years now. He have always had an interest in the Philippines and have kept close to opportunities within the country. This lead him to follow Oliver and Lewis Glanz Consulting over the last few years.

Seeing LGC grow year on year has been very inspiring. Seeing the position of strength they are now in is testament to the business and made it more exciting to have an opportunity to join LGC and open a new office in Clark

LGC oozes potential. There is untapped opportunity in almost everywhere we look. With our new office in Clark everyone is extremely excited with our new staff who are pioneers. They are going to experience incredible career growth and success.

We are one of the first recruitment companies to be here in Clark and we will be growing rapidly. With the adaption of New Clark City, business’s are flocking to Clark. The Philippine government is driving growth in the area and investment is huge! We have a fantastic opportunity to grow our business rapidly and we will be the clear recruitment leader within the Central Luzon region




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