Light House Club Manila’s Annual General Meeting

by: Sheena Agudo
January 17, 2020

Last January 16, 2020 the Construction and Engineering department was invited to attend the Light House Club Manila’s Annual General Meeting at the Bondi&Bourke Restaurant.

It was an event that is annually held by a non-profit organization that delivers local and national events that embrace networking, fundraising and fun within the construction and engineering industry. In the Philippines, this event merely focuses on raising funds for their scholars who are currently studying in the different universities in the country, also to connect the different personalities of the industry.

The event was organized by Mr. Adam Nelson, a representative from Light House Club Hongkong. He is also the one who invited the team leader of the LGC’s Construction and Engineering department.

It was a great pleasure to be invited in this event, because aside from the beneficiaries, the people in the industry are being connected with one another to build more network in their fields.

Lewis Glanz Consulting are looking forward for more collaborations with the different organization to build a larger network in the future.


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