Networking Night on a Rainy Night

by: Sheena Agudo
September 25, 2019

A number of studies are demonstrating that individuals with positive social networks live longer, healthier lives, and when we feel better physically, we feel better mentally and emotionally, as well,” says Avey.  Socializing is an important factor in everyone’s lives, we may not understand it yet why, but this statement really talks about its importance.

Last Wednesday, September 18, 2019 was a night filled with new friends and colleagues who are open for new opportunities and collaborations. Networking night has been a tradition to Lewis Glanz Consulting since then, because in this way people/recruiters get to find and meet candidates that can be a strength in the future.

The heavy rain didn’t even stop the recruiters as well as their invites from having fun. Who wouldn’t love free food and drinks plus good place and music, right? But of course, having new friends and connections are the highlights of this month’s Networking Nights by Lewis Glanz Consulting.

Surely, people who missed this event can’t wait for the next one!


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