Second Season of the 7’s Football League: Super Eagles Soar

It was a great atmosphere last night in McKinley Hill stadium as the lights were lit, media present and stands filled with spectators. It brought back the memories of the United Football League (UFL) when evenings were spent watching football at the McKinley Hill Stadium (formerly known as Emperador Stadium) over the weekend.

It was the final day of second season of the 7’s which kicked off with an All Star friendly match between the Azkals Legends versus the Current 7’s All Star Team. Azkals Legends invited players such as Aly Borromeo (in goal for the last few minutes), Stephan Schrock, Kevin Ingresso, Anton Del Rosario, Mark Hartmann, Freddy Gonzalez, Jeff Blake, Eddie Mallari, and Tating Pasilan. While the 7’s All Star featured The Matsunaga brothers, Hamed Hajimedi, Matt Custodio, Otuyemi Emmanuel, Abel Gboko and co. It was good seeing former players playing together in the same team.

Legends came out on top!

7s Over.png

The final ended with a 1-1 draw with the Super Eagles having to defend their crown in a penalty shootout that ended in a 10-9 win. Manila Tala FC star Tony Okoh, had the final kick sending the Ghanaian goalkeeper in the wrong direction.

For a league of just ten teams, it was great seeing the likes of Western Bicutan and Tondo having an all Filipino roster; competing and giving it their all against the finalists and other teams that participated such as the Stallions of Laguna, Matu Deportivo, Enderun, Real Amigos, Football Fanatics and Laro.

The league is a lot bigger than its first season and we look forward to the next one.

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Written and Photos by: Kaman Lee A. Suleiman


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