Recruitment: a 1 on 1 Interview with “Dondi”

Recruitment is never an easy job. A recruiter must need to find the best available candidates that are fit for a job in just a limited span of time. He / She must also be able to look beyond the CV or resume of the applicants to find out more about their untold histories and backgrounds.

Here is a 1 on 1 interview with one of the most experienced recruiter in the industry.

Gastronneur, Salty Uncle, Seven Time Tour De Buffet Winner – according to his FB profile

1. Why did you get into recruitment?

Not why, but how. I got into recruitment by accident. Oliver Lewis, who was my former colleague in another company called me up and asked me what I was doing and offered me a position in his current company. I took it as a challenge and haven’t looked back since.

2. What skill sets do you think you need to become a good recruiter?

You have to love talking to people. You have no chance if you don’t. You also have to be inquisitive and ask the right answers without giving the impression that you’re invasive of their situations. Also, you must be crafty and have the ability to think outside the box when certain situations arise. Most importantly though, you need to have a can do mentality and a willingness to get yourself to work and do your 8 hours without complaint.


3. Which sector do you specialize in?

I used to recruit for the Executive Search team, which basically sources for top level executives for start up, Fintech, Insurance, and other business roles. I have since moved on to an outsourced role as an International Recruitment Consultant for one of LGC’s partners.

4. What do you think about the current economy?

I believe that the economy is on the upside, contrary to what media portrays it to be. There are many start-ups that are being established left and right and I think that is great for recruitment as they need expert advice from us.


5. Name one thing that is good where you are working?

I can name several. The company atmosphere is fun and apolitical. Everyone knows and helps each other. We have regular team get-togethers (both formal and informal), we get Free Food Fridays and I believe the management genuinely cares about everyone. It’s a far cry from the years I spent in several BPO’s where every day was stressful.

6. What’s been your greatest achievement in recruitment?

Lasting this long. Hahaha… Kidding aside, I am enjoying it and I don’t plan on looking elsewhere. My greatest achievement is being able to help place people internally that potentially will be able to help the company grow. That, and being able to place a candidate I literally sourced out of nowhere, and who would ultimately become the my biggest single deal to date.

7. Where do you see yourself in the next 5 years?

Handling bigger responsibilities in my own corner office. With a great view. And a space for my bike. Still helping the office grow.



Victor Dominic “Dondi” Carillo IV is an avid fan of bikes, pets, and other unique stuff. His passion for recruitment is something that can be looked upon by those who are still new to the industry and looking for an inspiration. 

When he is not working, you will most probably find him cycling, tending to his small farm or communing with nature.


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