Footloose: Football Expansion in the PH

Due to Football Manila being largely the only group in the Philippines that has professional players playing in our events to kids as young as 3 years I get to hear, see, and smell football.

One topic that comes up on a regular basis is how can football in the Philippines be improved. Now, don’t get me wrong everyone is entitled to their own opinion but when some folks talk about football and have never experienced it at a high level then you would think their talking shit…..

It’s like asking a random guy on how to fly a plane. Football is relatively new to the PH which makes the local knowledge limited and you could compare this to the economy, society, etc etc etc

Iceland with a population of 330 300 which is almost half the size of Makati (close to 600 000) is going to the World Cup! How?

– They have over 200 all weather pitches situated close to schools and the local population
– They have over 800 UEFA A or B coaches
– Collectively they realised they needed investment
– Society players and people involved collective
– Close to Europe and the big leagues world class players

How many of the above does the Philippines have? There is your problem! At the top we bring in those that have done it at the highest level. Like the BPO industry when it first entered the Philippines ex pats with world class experience were sent in and eventually the local population gained their knowledge.

We send our best coaches abroad and yes we send our best youngsters abroad too. The local football scene can grow at a steady rate. None of this I’ll have a team in Cebu and a team in Ilocos where there are like 5 paying fans watching the game while you have to pay players, hotels, travel, etc etc. And the dumb armchair fan or footballer just says we need sponsors……


Those that are playing abroad create a sense of ambition of if he/she can make it so can I. Eventually these players will return to the PH with their world class knowledge to spread to the population. When you have a group of world class thinkers/achievers then excellent things can happen. When you have a group of mediocre then you’ll end up with mediocre


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