Travelling for Business

When I grew up in Evesham, Worcestershire, UK which is literally in the middle of nowhere I thought travelling for business was for the elite. You had to be white, rich, well educated, and wear smart suits.

Over the years as travel as become cheaper and businesses are more spread across the world – travelling for business has increased.

APAC is exciting. It has one of the fastest growing populations in the world. With economies such as the Philippines, Vietnam, and Indonesia exploding!


Recently I’ve traveled to HK and Singapore. Meeting managers, business owners, entrepreneurs has been interesting and amazing.

LGC goes to Singapore!.png

Even more amazing was the fact that we closed at least 5 deals for recruitment and outsourcing and in talks with 18 more interested parties.

While discussing other ventures outside my two main businesses.

It’s been so good that we are now planning to go back to Singapore next week!?

LGC is heading to Singapore!.png

Written by: The Recruiter

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