Talent is the greatest asset of any organisation

“Talent is the greatest asset of any organisation”

I used to spend a lot of my time with under performing employees however I eventually realized that its the top performers I should be spending more time with. Its easy to ignore the consistent performers and when you do it a competitor can easily sway them their way!

How to retain top talent? Top talent usually crave to learn more. Many a times I’ve tried to introduce something new and potentially better ideas to the company only for some individuals to dismiss it!

Providing training to your top employees will result in them improving and also seeing a bright future prospect. Thus making it worthwhile for them to stick around.

Compensating your employees is important. In particular in a bonus culture. They need to know and see bonuses can be achieved. I’ve hired absolute awful recruiters that were paid too much who then did not chase the high earning commission.


Its not only the employer

Future leaders need to demonstrate that they have ability and stamina to go above and beyond in their current role.

Employers must communicate throughout their company about their ambitions. You will notice those that lack ambition or any form of real leadership quality tend to hear what is said then go back to the norm within days/weeks.


This happened in the early stages at LGC. We had a couple of managers who’s teams were bottom two of the company. As soon as the new team leads were promoted and started to outshine them – both managers left.


Written by: The Recruiter

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