Azkals in AFC Asian Cup

The Philippine national football team are in the United Arab Emirates as they prepare to make their debut in the AFC Asian Cup 2019 and are in Group D along with powerhouses South Korea, China, and Kyrgyzstan.

Azkals-2018-friendly-vs-Oman (1).jpg
Philippine Men’s National Football Team or the “Azkals”

On paper it looks like a mammoth task to beat a world class country such as South Korea who are constantly in the World Cup and have won this tournament twice already. While China who gave the Azkals a good thrashing 8 – 1 back in June 2017 have improved since then. The only good news coming from this group is that the Azkals beat Kyrgyzstan twice in 2016.

Can Sven Goran-Eriksson vast experience help this side to achieve the unthinkable?

Regardless of whatever happens in this tournament the Philippines should be proud of what it has achieved. The players will gain from this experience and inspire future Azkals to reach new heights. It will also be a great time to raise awareness of the sport in the Philippines.

Not bad for a country with an awful domestic league where the average persons answer to solving the problem is saying “sponsorship”

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The Travelling Badger


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