WFL 7s 2017 Updates, New Teams, New Arena

FM360 10: The WFL 7s 2017 Updates, New Teams, New Arena

The WFL 7s has always been a fun and competitive preseason event for the clubs that compete in the Weekend Futbol League. Last season, Manila Tala FC were crowned the kings of the five-week tournament beating the previous champions Fil-Chi FA in a 7-nil victory during the quarters. This season, twelve teams are competing and there are exiting new teams.

The WFL 7s kicked off on the 6th of August at the BGC TURF and is set to finish on September 10, 2017, which is just a week before the Weekend Futbol Season 7 kicks off. Games are held usually from 12 to 6pm  two pitches.


Group A consists of Bolieros FC, Manila All Japan, BSM Leons, Fox FC, Sany FC and Tala FC. In Group B there is African Tigers, Aletico Matu, Ceres Youth FC, India FC, Manila Tala Social FC and New India FC.


The BSM Leons perhaps are one of the most consistent team in both the 7s and the WFL. The team mostly comprises of the British School Manila staff along with their other European friends with a team age average of 38 years. Experience and reading of the game for sure is one of their main strength. Take note that this is the same team that took Kaya Elite to penalties, last season in the semi finals of the WFL Cup 2017.

Ceres FC

Ceres Youth FC is a Youth Football League (YFL) team and is new to the WFL community. The team comprises of the U17s and the U19s of the club. This is the only youth team playing in the 7s this year with plans of playing in the contenders division starting this September. Team is managed by one of the biggest football enthusiasts in the country, Mike Atayde.


Fox FC is another new team in the 7s with most of the players originating from China working in the Philippines. They are new in the Manila football scene but we are happy to have them.


Although India FC does not compete in the WFL 11-a-side league, but they have been a solid force in the WFL 7s. Their communication and organization will for sure carry them to the knockout stages of the competition.

Manila All Japan FCThe name says it all. MAJ is another old WFL team that comprise of Japanese working professionals based in Manila. This team has not only experienced player but young and energetic players to contest with any team. The likes of Senoo Takato and Tommy Tanaka would scare any defense.

Matu FC

Aletico Matu is the united team of different nationalities who like to play the beautiful game together at a high level. They usually train at least once-a-week usually at the polo club. The team consist of former UFL players such as Armand del Rosario, the Mehdi brothers, UFL Cup Winner Ahmed Hwedi and Val Kama and also celebrities such as Daniel Matsunaga, Nico Bolzico and Adrien Semblat.

NEW INDIA FCNew India FC is another new team to join the competition. They are quite new in the football scene and mostly compete in the one-day football tourneys usually organized by Football Manila.

Sany FC

Sany Sinohydro Utd FC  is another Chinese team that had its debut in the WFL Season 2016/17. This one of the biggest and organized all-Chinese team in Manila.

TALA ORO FCTala FC are the current champions but this is an entirely new team. Based on the success and the growth Manila Tala FC experienced last season, the club divided one team in three. Tala Oro being the team to represent the club in the Champions Division in the coming Season.

Social FC

Most players from last season are in the Elite League. Tala Social is a team of the original Tala players including friends who want to play the beautiful game but at a level lower than they used to.


The African Tigers is a guest team lead by the former UFL Champs, the El Hababbib brothers (Bads and Izo). This a team that trains all week doing a short stint here in the Philippines as transition to other leagues abroad after their program. For sure this is the team to beat this season.

Boleiros FC

Unfortunately, this might be the last time we will see Boleiros FC in WFL because the club recently pulled out of the Champions for coming season. Boleiros FC finished last season middle of the table and has been in Division 1 of the league from the beginning. The Spanish-Portuguese speaking team will surely be missed but we hope to see them in the WFL CUP and for sure will go all the way in the WFL 7s.

We would like to thank our Medical team from Stat Med for standing by and being the first ones there every time there is an injured player on the ground. MEDIC FC

The WFL 7s is set to wrap up on the September 10 and we hope that all teams do enjoy the beautiful game and muster some team chemistry, fitness and camaraderie as the prepare for the coming WFL Season 7!

Thank you for our Sponsors Hammer Nutrition Philippines for supporting this event and fueling our players with the just right nourishment. For more on their unique products visit their page via link:

Thank you to Heckle and Jeckle Sports Bar (HnJ) for supporting this tournament. HnJ is a top notch bar in Poblacion Makati that is open 24-7 a week and is the ideal place to catch leagues from other countries especially the Champions League and the Premier League regardless what time the kick off is. It has two floors and over thirty screens simultaneously showing different games. Other sports you can catch there are UFC, Boxing, Cricket, Base ball and many others. Like and follow their page for more updates via this link:

Here are how the teams fared after match day 3.

Updates 7s After Match 3.png

Wishing all teams the best of luck and we do hope you do ENJOY THE BEAUTIFUL GAME!



Written by Kaman Lee A. Suleiman


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