Football Manila saturday Coaching for Beginners with Former Azkal, Anton del Rosario

FM360 6: Saturday Football Manila Coaching for Beginners with Former Azkal, Anton del Rosario

Last weekend, June 17 2017, was great for our FM trainees as we were honored with the presence of the former defender of the National team for our Saturday Sundown session in the BGC Turf. Even though it felt like it was a 100 degrees out there, present were about 30 adults, 12 kids, 2 goal keepers and 5 coaches to learn a thing or two from him.


His objective was to “have them experience what we do as professionals daily” of course at a chill and relaxed way. To help them fix the mental side of the game.

The adults all warmed up together and with some dynamic and static stretching, then some Frisbee-like-possession-elimination game. After that he walked us through some passing drills correcting our body language and off the ball movement before going into a directional possession game. The possession game was a bit high intensity because it required teams to switch to the other side depending on who lost or won possession (transitioning from offense and defense).



Finally a game (8v8 w/ keepers) while the resting players had the opportunity for some Q&A and also asked for some tips regarding the game and of course some selfies. Anton was able to spend time with the Bambino group (ages 4 to 7 years old) and even played with the MINIs (ages 8 to 12 years of age).


Anton was able to share with us about his memorable moments as a player at the same time inspire us to watch the PFL league by finding a club and following it, be it based on heritage, location or certain player/s. Also referring to his current club Ilocos United (Vigan).

Tips from Anton del Rosario

  • Always work on the basics
  • Be alert!
  • Don’t stop the ball, it invites pressure (Always keep the ball moving)
  • Always pass to the front foot
  • Enjoy the game!


He also introduced his app called LARO. It is basically a social sports app where by people can look for sporting events not only football but also running, basketball, circuit training, martial arts, yoga, dancing, boxing, tournaments and many others around Metro Manila. You can filter it by location, time and sport. It also gives one the option of paying and reserving online while connecting people.

You may view/download for FREE (here:

Account Name: Football Manila PH

Be sure to check it out and follow!

Hope to see you in one of our open play sessions or coaching sessions there.


One Language!


Written by: Kaman Lee A. Suleiman


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