Underdogs triumph to wrap up the WFL Season 2016/17, Leicester City style while staying undefeated in all competitions

FM360 4: WFL Cup FINAL and the End to the WFL Amateur Season 2016/17

The shootout!

Both teams advanced to the final after winning a shootout. Kaya beat BSM and Tala won over Manhur, both ending games ending with a 2-2 draw after full time.

Kaya knew going into penalties was not viable option knowing the catastrophe they faced when Fil-Chi overpowered them from the spot a year ago, especially with the Tala 6’4” goalkeeper in goal.

The shootout entered sudden death but finally ended 6-5 in favor of the Talacticos.

The underdogs won the cup and made their hopes of achieving the Treble (7s, League and Cup) for the first time in each competition against all 24 clubs after four years of challenging. No club in the league’s history have achieved such a feat.

With the PFL slowly but surely falling into place, exciting moments await Philippine football as the supporting league is also formed.

Season 2016/17 over

Kaya Elite FC retain their title as the Champions of the Champions group (Division 1).

Champions Div 2017.jpg

Manila Tala FC for the first time are the Champions of the Challengers group (Division 2) undefeated.

Challengers Div 2017.jpg

Manhur 3rd Champions of the Contenders group (Division 3).

Contenders Div 2017.jpg

And Illigan Archangel FC the Champions of the Vets Division by 6 points over Superbad Vets as they were deducted points.

With the plans of the new Elite League, Jose Pratz and the WFL group will be welcoming bigger clubs from the dissolved UFL into the WFL. For sure be on the lookout for the ever growing sport in the Weekend Futbol League


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Written by Kaman Lee Suleiman

Edited by Kresten Jacobsen & Manu Cuevas


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